Have you ever wondered…

…what you would be like if you had been born in a different country? If you gave up your office job to follow your dreams?

Well, I have thought about it a lot. Let me show you what I’ve found out.


Travel Blogger Multiculti in Budapest Hungary in green dress

Hi, I’m Timea

I’m a Digital Nomad with a higher purpose. I quit my office job and set up my own digital marketing company in London that I manage remotely whilst I travel the world.

I’d like to inspire others to follow their dreams and use my travel experiences to bring cultures closer to each other and fight against racism.

Travel Blogger Multiculti in blue dress and hijab

Did you say “that’s crazy”? Ok, I’ll do it.

I fasted with a Muslim family in Egypt during Ramadan, had a professional Thai boxing fight in Thailand and accidentally spent a night in a drug baron’s headquarters in Morocco.

I feel comfortable when I’m uncomfortable.

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Adventure Time!

The world is so big – why stay in one place?

Travel Blogger Multiculti fighting in Thailand

What I learnt training as a professional Muay Thai fighter in Thailand

Discipline, sweat, pain, grit. Fighting in Thailand unleashed my inner warrior.

Travel Blogger Multiculti in Chefchaouen Morocco

How I ended up in a drug baron’s headquarters in Morocco

Sometimes things go wrong. And other times you get into situations you thought only existed in movies.

Travel Blogger Multiculti in a mosque in hijab

Fasting with a Muslim family in Egypt during Ramadan

Having been afraid of Muslims for years, going to Egypt to live and fast with a family was one of the biggest challenges of my life.

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